Sonja at Calacirian

On the Welcome Post, I told Sonja that there would be a surprise for being the first one to comment on that post. Thinking about what I had to give, the answer was obvious. Words.

Today will be Bless Sonja Day.

I have always been thankful for her comments on my blog. She has a way of reading beyond the surface of a post and commenting on the heart of whatever issue we happen to be discussing.

On her own blog, she has an ability to capture the reader’s interest as she shares on a variety of topics. Whether talking about her kids’ hockey games or delving deep into the issues, she is always well-spoken and insightful.

As a writer, her words seem to flow with creativity and ease. I admire (and envy) her ability to express herself and to articulate her thoughts.

Today, if you are a friend and fan of Sonja and her blog, please take a moment to share some of the reasons why.

And if you aren’t familiar with Sonja, go ahead and visit her now at Calacirian. Say hello, and add her blog to those you read. I know that you will love her.

Surprise Sonja! We love you.


12 thoughts on “Sonja at Calacirian

  1. I enjoy reading Sonja’s blog because she is always real. it gets tiresome to read from folks who always sound uber-spiritual and never mention “real” life. Sonja blends life and spiritiality on her blog like it occurs in reality. Thanks Sonja!

  2. I enjoy Sonja’s blog cause she’s warm and gracious and funny.
    She welcomes those of us who lurk more than comment, and gives us wisdom to chew on.
    Blessings on you Sonja…and on you Grace for doing this. :)

  3. Oh.

    My …

    Well … if you could see me now, I would have a very pink face with wet shiny eyes.

    For once in my life, I’m at a loss for words. And that’s probably good. I am, indeed, blessed.

    Thank you, Grace.

  4. I love Sonja because she “gets” me…we have been wounded in some of the same ways.

    I also love that she never gets irritated with me when I rant to her about things in my life, especially “churchy” things…she always listens and has words of wisdom.

    Here’s a hug for Sonja for being a great friend!

    Grace – you are too cool for thinking of this. Cheers.

  5. What a fab post Grace :-)

    Sonja is great, she is real, funny and encouraging. She is someone who I wish I lived down the road from. Big hugs to her.

  6. Sonja,
    I am glad that you were blessed. I appreciate your friendship and am happy to be on this journey with you.

    Everyone else,
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I knew that many of the people who read here are already ready friends and fans of Sonja’s and that I could count on you to share in the love.

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