WWJS – to me?

Signs of my lack of athletic prowess were evident fairly early in life. I remember being taught to ride bicycle at the ripe age of 8 6. It seems there were quite a few people willing to run alongside me in hopes that I would eventually ride independently.

Now that I think of it, people seemed worried. I’m glad that I didn’t realize at the time that I wasn’t measuring up. What I do remember is the day when it seemed that all of the practicing finally paid off.

Finally I was coasting across the yard solo! Exuberant with joy, I turned to wave at my parents, who I knew would be proudly watching, only to see looks of horror on their face. That is when I hit the picnic table.

This is the story that came to mind as I thought about the meme that Jim tagged me with, What would Jesus say to me? The words that came to mind immediately were, “Come’on, follow me.” Then I think he would add, “Don’t forget, I am with you.”

Because He knows I forget. When I forget He is with me, it is just like the bicycle ride. Instead of trusting that He is alongside me every step of the way, I go flailing out of control and end up plowing into a disaster.

But He doesn’t forget, and He is always there with simple reminders like, “I love you, I’m here, don’t be afraid, it’s okay, let’s try again, I’ll always be with you.”

If you would like to participate in this meme, consider yourself tagged. Please include a link to Jim’s blog.


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