Missional Dudes

This was one of my favorite early posts. Being new to the blogosphere, I asked my readers to point me to some of their favorite dudebloggers.

It was admittedly a bit of a light-hearted parody of Brother Maynard’s post Wanted:Emerging/Missional Chick Bloggers. Both of our posts generated a lot of links and led to the discovery of some of my favorite blogs.

Originally there was some discussion over whether the guy in the picture was the “real” Brother Maynard. I guess not. ;)

In spite of a tendency to bring beer into the conversation and despite the fact that without exception they all have “hot” wives, you have to admit that there are some great missional dudebloggers and excellent missional conversations happening these days.

Many of the missional dudes spent this week together at the Allelon Conference on Missional Orders.

Andrew Jones was hosted at the conference organized by “Alan Roxburgh whose sausages are no match for my steak,” according to Andrew.

It looks like the missional dudes got down to some serious discussion after their dark beer.

(photo ht Len Hjalmarson)


3 thoughts on “Missional Dudes

  1. I guess that is an essential item in every missional dude’s backpack… the novelty apron! Not to mention the laptop… oh and a bottle or 2 of dark beer for the road… these aren’t just missional dudes, these are the daddy of all missional dudes (maybe even in some stellar cases the grandaddies of missional dudes)

  2. Grace (and Paul) That is what I was going to say. You all are really “old” in blogger years!

    I’m so grateful to have the wisdom of these men and women who have come alive and began to ask the questions far ahead of me.

    A dark one to each of you!

  3. Paul and Barb,
    Yes, these guys are “old” in blog years. I look forward to hearing what they have to share from their time together.

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