Just Life

The conversations around the blogosphere about labels make me more aware than ever that I don’t really fit into a particular box. Sometimes I feel like an observer of my own strange ecclesial journey. There seem to be plenty of interesting twists and turns.

Saturday evening my husband and I were visited by a couple seeking God about the possibility of planting a church in our area. We had a huddle before they arrived about how we should behave ourselves.

Our goals for the evening:
1. Not to blow their dreams out of the water.
2. Not to overly encourage them.
3. Not to be too likeable. ;)

I don’t know how we did, although I am sure they had an interesting conversation on the 2-hour drive back to the place they are staying.

My husband woke me up during the night talking in his sleep. He typically doesn’t dream and never talks in his sleep. He was saying…

“No,no! No,no,no! No!
No,no,no,no! No,no!”

I wonder what that’s all about.


12 thoughts on “Just Life

  1. Sounds like it was extremely relevant to you (and likely to the other women involved). I’m starting to think that labels may be more dangerous than helpful.

    Something about your list of goals struck me – all three start with “not to”. Any chance there was a negative focus that carried over into your husband’s sleep?

  2. It was probably the thought of lite beer for eternity…

    At least, that would have ME crying “no, no, no” in my sleep! (and probably while awake, as well)

  3. Relevant is an interesting word to define. To me, I think that you could defintely define that what occurred with you was very relevant to where you are and where you are at in the journey and what you enjoy.

    Of course, I fully understand the “definition” most use on – was that service relevant ?

  4. I’m with Fred on the last statement.
    Boxes are highly overated!
    And just think, God tends to blow them up rather frequently…

  5. Rick,
    Yes, I’m afraid his subconcious was probably responding to the guy’s parting comment, “God might wake you up during the night and tell you to get on board.”

    I agree with you about the labels. The huddle was kind of like preparing toddlers for a trip to the store, “these are the things we will not be doing!”

    I hate to lose your respect, but we don’t drink much beer. ;)

    Yes, it was relevant to the moment and that’s what really matters.

    Hi andy! I look forward to getting to know you also.

    fred and che,
    Boy that’s for sure! Perhaps in a box is a dangerous place to be.

  6. “God might wake you up during the night and tell you to get on board.”

    Ouch! Talk about putting God in a box, not to mention putting words in His mouth. I’m incredibly wary of recruiters.

  7. Jo,
    I know what you mean. To be fair, we think he was joking because there was nothing in the rest of the time we spent together that suggested any presumptuous attitudes concerning our involvement. But the subconcious has a funny way of dealing with these things.

  8. You made my husband smile with your story of your husband’s dream. I think he has had a few of these lately!

    I loved your list of what you were not going to do. I especially liked the one where you did not want to be too likeable. brilliant, I will remember that one when someone comes knocking on our church involvement door.

  9. Barb,
    It was one of the situations where we were suddenly aware of how far “out there” we have become in a few years. Hopefully we didn’t freak them out.

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