Thinking Missionally Video

Wow! From the beginning, the emerging/missional posters took on a life of their own. It thrills me that they continue to spread the message of the gospel of Jesus that is at the heart of those who consider themselves emerging and/or missional.

Thank you to those who put this video together. Well done!
(ht Christine Sine)


8 thoughts on “Thinking Missionally Video

  1. Awesome video. I enjoyed watching it. It is interesting how these posters have taken off. Watching it brings two thoughts to mind.
    1. Who knows what will happen when we let God lead and inspire.
    2. In the Internet age we never know where an article, statement, picture or clip will end up. That can be good or bad!

  2. I just have to leave another comment because the word verification that came up on this new comment form is “etiqit” which reminds me of the “etiquette” that I love in this portion of the blogosphere.

    You’re a class act, grace, and I appreciate all that you say in your posts and your comments.

  3. sacred,
    An emerging/missional film? Interesting thought.

    After the posters went crazy, I certainly had the feeling that maybe I should have put a little more thought into them.

    I’m not sure if you meant simplistic in a good way or not, but in my book, simple is good.

    Thanks Barb!

    Interesting spoof. It seems they are proud of it. Thanks for your kind words, they were just what I needed today.

  4. Grace,
    The video has certainly taken on a life of its own too. Imagine what a full length film could do (horrifying thought). Thanks for letting me use your images.

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