Smug, Spam, Meme, and Links

Feeling a little smug…
because I fixed our TV yesterday. Yep, even though I know absolutely less than nothing about electronic stuff, I fixed it. The skinny Sanyo that we bought a year and half ago quit working last month.

Moving through the stages of grief, we first just kept turning the TV on every once in a while to see if maybe it would work. Then we were angry that it broke so soon (new-fangled crap these days!). We considered the possibility of getting it fixed. Then we started sitting together sullenly in our living room just wishing we could watch our favorite shows or a movie together. Finally, we moved a 20-year-old 12″ television in to replace the shiny newer TV. It was really pathetic. Sadly, the nice TV was headed for the trash. We accepted that we were going to have to buy a new one.

In a moment of last-ditch desperation, I took apart the TV, removed 14 screws and took a look inside. One little thingy looked loose, so my assistant snugged it into place. We hooked up the power and voila!!! TV works.

Moral of the story, hmmm….
Don’t throw something away without at least trying to fix it.
If you own it, you are allowed to take it apart.
Sometimes you can fix stuff even when you don’t know what you are doing.

(Warning: It doesn’t always work, and sometimes you can make things worse. It recently did work with my vacuum cleaner and the TV, but not with my washing machine.)


Cuz everybody’s doing it!

My apologies to those of you I spammed with this, but I was just passing along the love from Brother Maynard, and I was fortunate enough to discover your email address.

It might be a good thing, and if so, you will be glad that you got in on the ground floor. Speaking of, are you open to a business opportunity? Just kidding.

Discipleship Meme
Erin kindly tagged me this week in a discipleship meme. As I said on her blog, I believe that there is a mutuality of discipleship that happens in the blogosphere as we share and learn from one another. I certainly appreciate the friendship, mentoring, and teaching that I receive from my blog friends.

As I considered which blog people I follow, a few people came to mind. I know these guys will be all ‘aw shucks’ about being mentioned, but whatever…

I consider Robbymac a brother/mentor. Fortunately, I met him fairly early in my blog life, and I value his steady encouragement and wisdom.

I look to John Frye as a radical pastor/elder. When I see the heart, wisdom, and knowledge of God that is reflected in John’s writing, I know that he is someone to listen and learn from.

Wayne Jacobsen isn’t someone that I know, even online. However he is someone that I follow. I aspire to absorb his understanding of how to live freely in our relationship with the Father, and to become the kind of a person that inspires that in others.

I am also blessed with real life people who serve as friends, elders, and mentors to me, who speak into my life and model an authentic, vital walk with the Lord.

A Few Links
Brother Maynard has a cool message from Bob Dylan on his blog.

In case you missed it, Robbymac is channeling CS Lewis.

Jeff Greathouse did an awesome post entitled Collapse of the Church Culture.

Alan Knox is doing a not-to-be-missed series this week on elders.

Family Life

Quote from my husband to me this week while talking about the kids:

“There is a lot that happens around here that you don’t notice. That’s why you’re so happy.”

What the heck? At least he was laughing when he said it.


8 thoughts on “Smug, Spam, Meme, and Links

  1. “Sometimes you can fix stuff even when you don’t know what you are doing”

    So true. I never know what I’m doing and sometimes things get fixed. Of course, sometimes I make it worse.

  2. Grace,

    Thanks for linking to me again. I am very grateful for all my readers, especially those who choose to link my posts.


  3. Fred,
    I usually won’t try unless there is very little possibility of me making it worse.

    You are welcome. I wouldn’t keep linking you if you weren’t always writing such good stuff.

  4. What did Brother Maynard say about Dylan? The server’s down. Dang Dang Dang.

    I went to his concert a few weeks ago, and it was awesome.

  5. Hi david,
    He has a cool video clip with a message he created with Dylan singing in the background. The best news is that you can make one too! But yah, his server’s been down quite a bit this week while he’s been “moving things around.”

  6. Thanks for the mention. I put up # 2 earlier today church growth to kingdom growth.

    I have not commented yet but I got hit on the head with your incarnational living post.

    I have come across a few writings lately and have been working on my oughts about it.

    I am hoping to do it Monday, we were at the hospital 3x last week .. oohh how I wish I had a laptop while I waited.

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