We attended church last Sunday. It was a good Sunday because they did baptisms. I really appreciated hearing the testimonies and witnessing the involvement this church had in the peoples’ salvation and discipleship.

We also attended house church that day. We have continued to stay in touch with those who are doing house church here because it reflects our values and beliefs concerning church. However, my husband and I both sense pretty clearly that this is not the direction for us to pursue at this time.

It has been a week of great conversations with many friends. I have had quite a few conversations about whether charismatics can/should settle in at a noncharismatic church. These have been interesting discussions involving the ideas of style and preference versus what aspects of charismatic belief are necessary as a part of public worship and church.

Directionally, things are still as clear as mud. In the midst of that, we will just open our home and our table and enjoy life. We had a potluck a couple of weeks ago and were encouraged recently by a person who said it was the most “life” they had experienced in months. And we didn’t even have a meeting! :)

Anyway, it is all a bit odd, and we will attempt to hold things loosely so that we can hopefully follow wherever the Lord leads.


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