Guess What?

I get to see Graham Cooke this weekend!

This time, my husband gets to go with me. He just finished reading Permission Granted, and he is looking forward to hearing Graham in person.

I am anxious to hear what God has to say to me through Graham this weekend. I will be sure to share with you next week.


7 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. I have always felt that when we talk about God we dip out of a small bucket of our knowledge and experience.

    When Graham Cooke talke about God he does not get very far before you understand that you are standing on the side of a very big lake of his understanding and are only getting your toes wet.

    He is a man who can tell you about this wonderful God we love.

    Have a wonderful time and in your wading around his vast knowledge be sure to bring home a cup or two for all of us.

    A Former Leader

  2. I just downloaded my very first podcasts for my fancy schmancy new mp3 player I received for my 43rd birthday. And the honor of being the first podcast of my choice goes to GC…I bought two podcasts of him speaking on the Wilderness, a place I have been lingering, and at times languishing in, for nearly three years.

    I listened to some of it last night while I was on a job cleaning an office. And somehow, across the wires and into my ears while I dusted and scrubbed and cleaned up a stranger’s office, an old crust of cynicism broke loose and fell off my heart.

    So yeah, I’ll be waiting, too, for what you blog about afterwards.

  3. Thanks everyone! It was a great weekend. I didn’t take many notes, because the CD’s were only $12, so I’ll be listening to them soon.

    Former leader,
    I agree with Pam. You said that beautifully. I have so many people ask what I like about Graham, and you really said it perfectly.

    Your words about a crust of cynicism breaking off stuck with me through the weekend. I went into the weekend feeling like there wasn’t much that could move or touch me. I am not bouncing off the walls, but I am encouraged.

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