Classic TallSkinnyKiwi

In response to John MacArthur’s book:

“The Emerging Church is NOT the new skid on the jock.”

Andrew Jones


11 thoughts on “Classic TallSkinnyKiwi

  1. …about as mean-spirited as you can get :/…

    It would be funny to me if it wasn’t so…….beneath Christ. There’s just no need for mud-slingin’ in the Kingdom…or slingin’ anything else either! Ick…!

  2. Yeah … at this point, I don’t think any further response to MacArthur is required. The people who listen to him aren’t going to be persuaded otherwise and those who don’t listen … um … don’t listen.

  3. Well said Robin. I don’t understand the need for mudslinging at fellow believers.

    Me too Lyn.

    So true, those who listen won’t believe anything contrary to what he says, and the rest of us give no credibility to his misinformed opinions.

  4. um, well then, a girl leaves the blogosphere for a few weeks and comes back to books about skid marks and posts about mudslinging…not sure those two metaphors belong in the same sentence, then again, they fit perfectly together in a gross, ew kind of way.

    Argh. Just yesterday I was asking God to give me grace for the graceless, love for the loveless, and a tender heart for the mean-spirited. I guess I better go pray again….

  5. Pam,
    I guess I posted this because I would rather laugh it off than take it seriously. I wouldn’t recommend reading MacArthur’s book as an exercise in extending grace. ;)

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