Emerging from the Wilderness

“The material that will give birth
to the mission of Jesus in this nation
ought to be identified by spiritual muscle,
by the fact that we are the ones
who went to the wilderness
where the wild beasts are,
and we have returned from that place
to serve the poor,
the marginalized,
the unchurched,
the postmodern.

We have returned
to minister among them,
alongside them,
in partnership with them,
as people with enough muscle
to model what it is like
to be free from human appetite and need.”

Michael Frost

If you would like to hear it with an Aussie accent, listen here.


5 thoughts on “Emerging from the Wilderness

  1. Thanks for the link. Looked like it would have been a fun conference. Gathering in the name of Christ can be fun … can’t it? Just the short video had some impact.

  2. Thanks for this link Grace. It looks like DS2 was really good. I think Michael brings some really significant things to us all.

    BTW – I agree with alan’s comment under the video: DS2 did have a lot of bald middle aged speakers!!! ;) ;)

  3. :) :)

    My husband has a goatie, after he saw the video clip he said to me that maybe he should shave his hair off too!

  4. BTW – agree, Michael does push the boundaries. Have you heard his talks which are on Christianity Works from the Kooma (sp?) conference. They are very good!

  5. Lyn,
    I think it depends on if one has a good bald head, but you can’t tell that until after you’ve shaved it.

    I’ve come across some links of Michaels talks online. I should spend some time listening to them. I’m not up on mp3’s and ipods yet, and listening to a long message streaming at the computer just takes too much time.

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