Thinking Bloggers

Okay, I’ve been trying to get this posted all week, but the people in life keep expecting me to do all this other stuff!

Many thanks to my friends Robin (4-time winner of the thinking-blogger award!) at Pensieve and John Smulo at Smulospace for including me in their lists and saying nice things about me.

Lest any of you fear that I’ll get the big head, let me assure you that the people I live with keep me humble. My kids are getting a lot of mileage out of the fact that I fell out of my chair at the dinner table the other night. (No, alcohol was not involved!)

Anyway, back on topic, I don’t do memes that often, but I wanted to take this opportunity to point to a few of the blogs that really make me think.

Since I recently linked to 5 other blogs in the under-appreciated blogger scheme initiated by Brother Maynard, I will not include them here, although they all would have definitely fallen into this category also. John Smulo and several other great blogs have already been listed, so I will not repeat them.

1. Scott Berkhimier at Theopraxis
Scott’s posts consistently challenge me, not only intellectually but also spiritually. I often find myself revisiting his posts for further consideration.

2. Rob McAlpine at Robbymac
Robby stretches my imagination toward that which I cannot yet see. His emphasis on the life and power of the Spirit is a vital aspect in conversations about church.

3. Larry Chouinard at Spiritual Conversations
Although he doesn’t post very often, Larry’s reflections on Scripture never fail to inspire me.

4. Wayne Jacobsen at Lifestream
Wayne’s writing carries an element of wisdom that I find helpful in keeping my focus and perspective on my relationship with the Father.

5. Kester Brewin at Signs of Emergence
I am especially interested in Kester’s thoughts on leadership and the use of power in kingdom relationships. I am still pondering his latest posts on game theory and strategy.

Since my blogroll contains 30 of the best thinking blogs around, be sure to check there for more stimulating and interesting blogs to visit.

If you choose to post your own list of 5 blogs that make you think, please link to the original post.


5 thoughts on “Thinking Bloggers

  1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Grace. They really do mean a lot.

    I didn’t participate in this meme, but if I did, your blog would ABSOLUTELY be on my top five list. You. Rock.

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