Frigid Friday!!!

After the last post and comments, I thought this image was appropriate.

Just to be clear, that is NOT ME!

However, I will need a few more thoughtfull showers before my next post on leadership is ready.

In the meantime, have a great Super Bowl weekend,
if that’s your thing.

To those of you enduring this artic blast,
stay warm and stay safe!


15 thoughts on “Frigid Friday!!!

  1. Ha, ha, ha… great post!
    I’m sure the comments will be as fiery and divisive as your last post!?!

    It’s -35 celsius with the windchill in sunny Saskatoon today. Yikes!

    Have a great weekend Grace.

  2. Enjoyed your thoughts about leadership and the hint at your shower habits…So that’s not you in the picture? Who is it?

    It minus 1 degree here in Grand Rapids, MI.

  3. I love that he has a shower cap on his head … but nothing to protect his glasses or computer. That’s soooo funny!!! Guess he’s not worried about shampooing either.

    Thanks for your kind words and prayers, Grace. They are a real source of support.h

  4. The first thing I thought when the page loaded was I hope this is not Grace. Thanks for the clarification.

    This is one seriously messed up dude. What could possibly be so important that you would need to take your laptop in the shower?

    I am glad in California we are finally out of the arctic weather and its 56 degrees. Have a great weekend

  5. also- if my husband could find a waterproof laptop, he’d take it in the shower. he has some of his best ideas in there. me- i don’t think, i just get clean.

  6. It’s a good thing it is not you in the picture. I really couldn’t continue commenting on the blog of someone who would wear a pink shower cap with red nail polish.

  7. ksg,
    Yes, it’s kind of sad when you’re hoping it’ll “warm up” to 0.

    I’m happy to say I don’t know the guy. It’s just a google image.

    I agree, thank goodness!

    It was almost below freezing indoors here! The northwest room of our house dropped down to 62 degrees because of the wind.

    You are welcome, glad they helped.

    That would be too weird if that were really me after thinking all this time I was a woman.

    Welcome back! I’ve been enjoying your posts about the conference.

    There are a few other significant differences besides the feet. For example, his hands are much larger than mine.

    pastor astor,
    Let’s hope this guy doesn’t have red polished toes! :)

  8. Grace, I popped in on Lily, why yes, I love some fun foot pictures…maybe I’ll post more :).

    The only thing is….it can attract very scary people :/.

    BTW…I’m enjoying reading you, even if I’m kinda quiet…just soaking it all in…processing….

  9. Robin,
    I think it’s funny, but appropriate, that you left your comment on this post.

    I took my picture down once when I had some weird foot-related google searches. I replaced it with a picture of my face, but I could only stand that for about a week. ;)

    Some google searches make sense based on what you’ve posted on, but the strangest one I’ve had recently was ‘Russian toileting habits’???
    I don’t remember ever posting about Russians or about toilets.

    I laughed about someone looking for ‘ugly kitchen pictures’ and finding my site.

    Don’t worry about not commenting. I read way more than I comment also.

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