Let’s Pretend

When we were growing up, my older sister and I spent lots of time pretending to play school, house, church, doctor, and store.

Since she was the oldest, she was always the mommy, the teacher, the preacher, the doctor, or the grocer. (You firstborns can be a little bossy!)

With pretending, there is freedom to create scenarios of our liking. Our pretend school had lots of recess.

We have sat around the table with like-minded friends trying to imagine what church could be. As we’ve deconstructed, healed, grown, and changed, the imagined scenarios have shifted to reflect the changes in our hearts.

RealLive Preacher asks the question:

“What if we could do church any way that we wanted?”

Perhaps the answer isn’t as important as the freedom to explore the question, to listen, to search, and to enter into the process of discovery.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend

  1. Yeah, there were some interesting “what ifs.” I’ve been thinking about finding some like-minded individuals and seeing what can happen.


  2. “The freedom to explore”- that’s something I have never felt in the Church I was raised in. As I get older and braver, I am going there though, into these uncharted territories (at least for me they are uncharted). I feel like the EM is giving me permission, as it were to do that- and that’s scary and exciting at the same time!

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