Pam Hogeweide has an article recently published at Off-the-Map entitle “Why Does Church Feel Empty?” Pam is an excellent writer and has left many thought-provoking comments here. From her article:

There is a growing awareness that church is not about a place or a building. The perception of many believers I’ve talked with is that American Christians have mastered going to church rather than being the church.

she’s decided, “to move forward in being what I want to see…”

The latest edition of Next-Wave includes an article by Neil Cole about Organic Church.

“A” is apostolic mission. Even the Nicene Creed says the church is holy and apostolic. It’s meant to be sent. It’s more like Jesus said, “The Father has sent me, so send I you.” So apostolic means that the church is a “sent” agency not a “sending agency.” We are ourselves going on mission.

Most churches in the West set up shop in a location and they tell the world to come to them, that’s not being apostolic. So we want to be decentralized. We don’t want to be bound to a location. We want to be planting the seeds of the Kingdom among the lost people. We are sent.


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