Who Is That Dude Anyway?

Bob Hyatt or Scott Williams with glasses?

Or could it be the “real” Brother Maynard?

Hmmm. ;)


15 thoughts on “Who Is That Dude Anyway?

  1. Trying to “out” Bro Maynard, eh? No luck this time, I’m afraid. I could reveal his identity, but then we’d both have to die… ok, not quite.

    The Man In The Shadows

  2. Careful, the witness protection people might have to whisk me and my family away in the night…. If you’d seen what I’ve seen in the churches I’ve been, you’d lie awake nights as well, worrying that your secret identity might be blown…

  3. I’m afraid I’ve seen more than I ever wanted to know. I lie awake some nights just wishing to erase the memory.

    If you weren’t Canadian, I’d be worried that maybe we know each other.

    Just wondering though, do you look more or less cool than this guy? :)

  4. Cindy, the urban dictionary is a slang dictionary at http://www.urbandictionary.com.

    It’s a helpful tool for middle-aged people to look up words they’ve never heard of. Although, it is filled with mostly words and phrases you don’t need to know.

    Robby, I looked up double-double and was relieved to find that it is a coffee-related word.

    We don’t have Tim Horton’s here, but at Starbucks (and anywhere else) I always order a double americano in a grande cup, no cream.

    Did you ever wonder why a male barista isn’t called a baristo?

  5. Am I getting set up for a bad Starbucks joke here?

    Okay, I’ll bite… Why isn’t a male barrista called a barristo?

    You mean a double grande no-cream americano? (If I don’t call the drink specs in the right order, I get fish-slapped.) :)

  6. No joke robby. I’m just teaching my kids spanish.

    Thanks for the tip, now I’ll know the correct way to order.

    Wishing I had an americano right now.

  7. everywhere i go on the net bob hyatt shows up!

    hey, fyi, the local liberal paper here named Bob’s church as best church that meets in a bar…cool.

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