System Error


12 thoughts on “System Error

  1. Wow, grace, you are really cranking out posts. I need to catch up. Where did you find the image? It’s pretty clever.

  2. Grace,

    I keep getting the same error message on all of my “How To Do Church Right” software.

    Do you have a patch for this? Religio-bot? Ecclesial-ware?

  3. love the image and thanks so much for the link to the generator. i’ll have to think of something clever to get posted for my friends who haven’t seen this.

    really enjoying your site.


  4. Thanks Rich!
    It’s nice to meet you.

    I’m just learning my way around. I checked out your emergentsoutheast site also.

    I wonder if anyone will be starting an emergentmiddleofnowhere anytime soon.

  5. Since I’m reading back, Grace, you may be the only who sees this, but I believe I may qualify as emergent middleofnowhere. I’d love to know where you are. There’s an email link on my blog.

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